Leveraging Social Media

Leveraging Social Media

As a new technology, social media is still not well understood, especially in the ways that it may be applicable to your business. Like so many new ideas, it has potential for good and bad outcomes – social media can drain creative resources and distract your workers, but it is a potentially untapped method of communicating with your customer base and improving your company’s’ visibility.

Did you know that nearly a quarter of all time spent online is used for social networking, and that 91% of adults and 87% of Fortune 100 companies have a presence on at least one social networking site? It is no longer possible to ignore social media as an aspect of high performance – you are going to want to leverage social media to your benefit within your company and without.

The benefits of using social media for marketing are obvious, and customers are more and more likely to buy from companies that have a strong social media presence, especially when the company uses that presence to offer deals, sales and respond directly to questions. There is more to the equation though – good social media presence can make your company seem more accessible, improve visibility, and build trust and loyalty among your customer base. Training and involving your employees will also make them feel engaged and important to the company.

Most companies currently use or are planning to launch social media initiatives, but just having a Twitter or Facebook account isn’t the same as using them effectively. You need to have a direction, a voice and a content plan if you intend to make an impact and draw in additional revenue. Many people take social media for granted, but your company shouldn’t.